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Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a therapeutic modality where the body is lubricated with oil and performed with strategic strokes. This will warm up the muscle releasing tension and gradually releasing knots and adhere tissue. Swedish promotes relaxation, among other health benefits. Techniques can be slow and gentle or vigorous, depending customers wishes. Although most Swedish massage is 50-60 min,70-90 mins give me, the therapist more time to work muscle tissue and achieve results. 



In Home and On Site Rates

In home On Site
1 hour- $70 1 hour- $50
90 min- $90 90 min- $70
2 hours- $120 2 hours- $90




Deep Tissue

Deep tissue is similar to Swedish massage, but the deeper the pressure is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deeper layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the deeper layers surrounding muscles, bones and joints)

In Home and On site Rates
In Home On Site
1 hour- $70 1 hour- $50
90 min- $90 90 min- $70
2 hours- $120 2 hours- $100


Sports Massage

Sports massage is modality used to aide those who are active in exercise and sports. Techniques involve are Swedish, deep tissue, cross friction, deep compression before and after events to enhance performance and promote healing post injury. Highly recommended to prevent injury and maintain maintenance for those with daily activities

In Home and On Site
In Home  On Sites
1 hour- $70 1 hour $60
130 min- $90 90- min-$80
2 hours- $120 2 hours- $110




Involving application of pressure to the hands feet and hands with specific thumb, fingers and hand techniques without the use of oil and lotion. It is based on systems of zones and reflect an image of the body on the hands and feet with such work affects a physical change to the body.

In Home On Site
30 min- $30 30 min- $30




Seaweed Thermal Wrap

 using the finest seaweed, this body wrap tones detoxify and helps rebuild collagen and elasticity of the skin therein helping reduce cellulite. If you have aching bones, arthritis, joint pain or water retention it is very beneficial. With the seaweed wrap, you will simmer in a wrap with seaweed while laying in heat in result pure relaxation. Don not recommend if allergic to iodine. Can be used before Swedish Massage. Awesome for skin care. 

In Home 20 min- $50

 In home services only! Ask about our Wax Therapy Services!



Hot Stone Massage

A Stone Massage uses cold or water-heated stones to apply pressure and heat to the body. Stones are coated in oil can also be used by therapist delivering various massaging strokes. Hot Stones used are commonly basalt stones which over time have become extremely smooth and polished.

In Home and On Site
In home  On Site
1 hour- $90 1 hour- $70
130 min- $120 90 min- $90
2 hours- $130 2 hours- $ 120



Cupping therapy

an ancient form of therapy which a local suction is created on the skin; practioners believe this mobilize blood flow in order to promote healing.

In home On Site
30 min- $30 30 min- $10



10$ discount on massage sessions over 2 hours

Mix any modality to Swedish massage for $20 more



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